A Letter About Diversity

A letter from Pernilla, the founder of Ella Skye.

I feel it is important to address views supporting diversity and equality. Thus,  I am writing this letter regarding my hopes and plans to address diversity and equality, as I am building my company.

Let me share first, a little bit about myself and how my love for diversity issues grew. My love for diversity concerns runs deep, probably and mostly because of my parents and the challenges they experienced. But, those stories are their's to tell. But, one thing my father did do, was ensure I saw the world as a little girl. He took me to Vietnam, Cambodia (soon after the Pol Pot regime), and more.

After having traveled the world and witnessing privilege, the aftermaths of war, injustices, racism from close friends and family, while witnessing also the powers of beauty, love, and inclusion, I fell in love with wanting to better understand the human experience. In college, I studied diversity issues at Occidental College, which prided itself on supporting a very diverse campus, and during my doctoral pursuit of clinical psychology, I was part of a small group of doctoral students that specialized in multi-cultural psychology.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) was incredibly important for this nation, the world, and me. Even during the pandemic, I felt a strong need to march and be a voice for change, to do better, and to strive for greater equality for Black Lives. BLM has created necessary conversations about racism and equality. The marginalization in our society, across many groups is real, including our immigrants, socio-economically, and more. 

I have always wanted to have Ella Skye be a business that supports the community. I have grander dreams now to have it become a business that strives always to do better for the community. I will make mistakes. We will make mistakes. But, I will always promise to strive to do better. To be a company that promotes love, dreams, and advocacy.