The secret to starting that dream idea of yours.

The secret to starting that dream idea of yours.

To all those who have a dream,

There are two types of dreamers: one who believes their dreams are IMpossible or the other that believes their is only one purpose in life, pursuing their dreams no matter how big or small. The question is, which one are you?

I was the first one. For a very long time. Until life started singing a different tune, and... I listened. Then I saw how big and beautiful that dream was and that I needed to go for it. No more excuses.

I get it though. It’s kind of hard not to have excuse after excuse when literally all of society tells you dreams only happen in fairy tales.

They don’t. How did I start believing, when I realized that everyone has to start somewhere. Look at Disney, Lizzo, LeBron James, Beezie Madden the list is long.

The question. When are you going to join the list? You don’t have to be a superstar to join. None of the above named were an overnight success. But they joined the list when they decided to pursue their dreams.

It takes 3 things to get on that list: the decision to start, heart, and to do whatever it takes. Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of “doing whatever it takes,” because when you make the decision to start, the “doing” just naturally happens because you love it so much. By loving it so much, this fuels your heart and your commitment to stay on the list. It’s a beautiful thing.

Have you joined the list yet? Imagine how much farther along you’d be, if you just joined and started. 

Let’s do the math: 20 minutes a day for 7 days, equals 140 minutes. That is over 2 hours more than where you were yesterday. Imagine… how much closer you'd be towards your dream(s). 


Big love.