How all good things start, on a rainy day.

How all good things start, on a rainy day.

My life has taken me all over the world, from Portland, Oregon to growing up in France, living a broad in Israel, and Ecuador. My passion for humanity, design, and love for psychology evolved from my adventures and the amazingness of life experiences, both difficult and beautiful.

Eventually, I obtained a doctorate degree in Psychology, (specializing in trauma and cultural diversity issues), soon after graduating co-started a non-profit, found a passion for teaching graduate psychology students, and eventually founded my own performance coaching business. Then one rainy LA day, I started sewing a new laptop case, because what I wanted I couldn't find on the market. Isn't that how all good things start? I left teaching graduate school and voila!

Ella Skye.

Ella Skye serendipitously grew with so much love. I chose the name Ella, because it is my favorite name meaning, Light, Goddess in Modern Hebrew, and reminds me of the fierce Ella Fitzgerald. And Skye, because when I'm searching for answers I always look to the sky.

The beauty in life is in taking risks, in pushing boundaries, and creating connections. I believe that together, we can reach for the unthinkable. I am driven to be a brand that brings people together, ignites conversations, and supports dreams.

Ella Skye is inspired by what I believe embodies the entrepreneurial spirit: style, innovation, determination, and pure guts. If you think about it, our laptops hold our lives and serve as gateways to extraordinary opportunities. They should be loved and protected with style.

My bags are designed with these elements in mind, bringing an entirely new idea to how our computers and tablets can be accessorized. By delivering a new way to style your technology, I hope to inspire you to break out of the everyday to transcend the ordinary and aim for your dreams. 

At the core, Ella Skye is more than just a brand; it is an extraordinary hybrid of style, inclusivity, and inspiration. I use handcrafted artisanal materials, with leather curated from Italy and Brazil specifically for Ella Skye, and are proud to be supporting our local community by making our bags in Los Angeles at a factory founded and run by women.

Above all, I hope to inspire you to transcend the ordinary of your everyday, to connect and reach for your dreams. Life is too short not to.

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